Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sever Year Absence

I finally recovered this account.
Today it's raining in the desert. This is the most water I have ever seen in this place. 

[to read jibber jabber and view 6 second video click on the time-stamp below]

It uses another email and I couldn't remember anything about it. I thought it was lost. I did loose my original url (brokeneyeball.blogspot.com). someone has it and doesn't even use it. So now -Your Her Broken Eyeball-
My journey brought me here a long time ago, from websites like deviant art, and digital painting ones, and xanga. Times of/before 2007. At some point I switched from here to something else.. & Here we are. 2014. I've been painting for seven years. Mostly oil painting. Been discovering who I am. 
It feels like a great thing to be able to use this blog again. It has such charm to me now. I wish I had never stopped posting here though, it would have been so cool. 

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