Saturday, December 05, 2015

I've learned that, i explain myself a lot. My memories tell me I explain myself even in my sketchbooks, not knowing why i started yet another one sketchbook. In conversation too. I only really converse with one person, not including blood family, so i get to intimately know my own self through them, I feel. and it's great to learn from. Feeling constant change recently, in my life. I'm always trying to be better. Of course I must rest too. and enjoy where I am. I want a lot of things, and I know that want can lead to dispair, but at least I'm aware of that. Anyway. I think a lot, and sometimes I want to write. I blog for myself, i love the archive feel of it. I paint for myself, I don't want to sell what I paint, often I'd rather keep it for my own eyes. I make digital reproductions too, work that ends digitally, and often is collaborative, I call it BrokeBot. I hope to update my main blog soon, and keep it as the public archive blog spot for my art work efforts. This space here is mostly just for me, a diary is what i used to call it. Please say hello if you stumble across these posts. it would make me laugh. Now I will enjoy some time, by relaxing with a good videogame. after, I will get in work mode if i'm not hungry or sleepy, and I will carry on with the business of not starving, and etc. then repeat.

a keeping of my drawings, doodles, paintings, paintdoodles, 3d models, works in progress. events, and carol-updates. and pictures.