Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Just drove INTO (one of) the (materials) pit(s). From previous job site, surface streets light traffic, short drive, but I did pretty well. Into the pit! That's a first. Switched back to passenger's after pulling in, quite in, just before the stock piles of tiny rocks.

[edit: 11:45am] drove again, same destination, two hours later. From a different spot. I've got an itch to drive more more, I've learned and progressed. I should be arriving home to finish that large painting soon. ASAP. Stop time today is unknown, maybe early. Find me on Instagram to see my story posts!

[edit: 2:58pm] another driving session. Thirty minutes.

[edit: 2:48pm] just drove again. Same drive as last. about half an hour. First time going four in one day.

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